These energy resources initially require some cost to install, however, in the long run the constant supply of coal or oil is no longer needed.

Solar Power
1. Thinfilm Technology: This photovoltaic solution to produce solar power (PV) is based on ultra thin layers of silica which are introduced on glass panels. For roof mounting racks and frames are required. Facades may also be covered with glass panels.

2. Flexible Solar Modules: These up and unwinding modules are already available. Highly amorphous silica is used.  These modules maybe directly installed on PVC sealed flat roofs or on smooth roof areas with low angle tilt if mounted on PVC substrate. Moreover, thin metal plates could be provided to hold flexible modules which could be installed on flat roofs with corrugated of trapezoidal profile without great effort.


Essentially, all the above items and applications require wires and cables to feed the generated electricity into the grid. There are some installations of electrical switch cabinets and inverters necessary. If the solar energy produced is to be used at the production site within a so called insular application some storage facility to store the generated power through accumulators must be organized.

SAMEC is concentrating their recommendations and negotiations on the items 1 and 2 above.


Water Power
The water power is one of the oldest providers to produce electricity. We recommend and suggest the installation of small scale water power stations up to 60KW/hr. (approx. 300,000 KW/year) by using horizontally installed river turbines. We are in a position to offer new as well as completely overhauled turbines at very favourable prices. Electrical switch cabinets and generators may also be offered but may possibly be purchased and installed locally. However, we strongly recommend to implement the already available software which is required to control the installation to guaranty a smooth operation.

Wind Power

Recently SAMEC could establish a close relationship with a German wind energy company which can supply wind energy installations from 1 to 2 MW. Very important at this stage is the availability of these wind machines with a rather short delivey term of approx. 10 months. Most other manufacturers are sold out for the next two years. Installations in northern Germany could be shown to potential prospects after making appointments accordingly.

Turn On Key Biomass Gasification Plants for Waste to Energy Transformation
Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The resulting gas mixture is called synthesis gas or SYNGAS and is itself a fuel.

SAMEC very welcomes your inquiries regarding the above subjects...

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